Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 [v2.0.3] APK Cracked For Android With New Features

Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL v2.0.3 For Android

Latest Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 is now available for Android. Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 .apk is the latest and most stable version of this app. Some new features are also added in Talking Tom Cat 2 version 2.0.3. TOM is now a famous Cat on both Android and iOS. Talking Tom Cat actually repeats what ever you say in funny voice and Tom Cat respond to your touch as well. Now Tom Cat is back with all new adventures. Tom Cat who is now a celebrity, so Tom has now moved out of the alley and in to a new cool apartment. Ben The Dog is his new neighbor and he keeps on teasing Tom Cat all the time.

New In Talking Tom Cat 2 FULL 2.0.3 For Android:

  • Please update to this version. If you lost your Gold Coin balance please note we will be restoring it by Wednesday. We sincerely apologize.
  • You can now customize Tom’s appearance by buying him accessories like soccer uniforms, hats, sunglasses and lots more.
  • Make Tom look like a police officer, pirate, construction worker or a cowboy.

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