Tuesday, 24 July 2012

iLauncher .APK Cracked For Android [Latest Most Stable Version]

iLauncher v2.1.7.6 For Android

Latest iLauncher .apk is now available for Android device. iLauncher has been released with some improvements and Bug Fixes added. iLauncher is compatible with Android 2.1 or higher version. iLauncher For Android is basically an iPhone style home screen launcher app. iLauncher make your mobile screen look just like an iPhone. Features like smooth scrolling and rounded cornered icons plus gloss effects make it look just like any original iOS device. You can Download iLauncher .APK Cracked from the links available below. Further features are as follows.

iLauncher For Android Features:

  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Icons with round corners and Gloss effect
  • Long Touch to activate the editing mode
  • Dock-Bar
  • Uninstall App direct from your home screen
  • Press Back Button to exit the editing mode
  • Change Application name and Icon
  • Shortcuts
  • Spotlight Search
  • Folders
  • And Much More



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